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JetBlack Group has revealed plans for a new Smart city just outside of central Nairobi that will potentially serve as the country’s administrative center. The Athi Smart city project will be the most significant enterprise unveiled by the Private Sector in Africa. The proposed Athi River Smart city will be established within the 18500 acres composed of eight sectors made up of the following: The Athi Smart Green, seating on 4500 acres, Athi Medical Centre, Athi Innovation Park, Athi Sports Village, Athi Industrial District, Athi Agri Business Centre, Education District and Athi International Airport (A.S.I.A)

Banks and international organizations shall also be offered free land in the district for their headquarters, including the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization. The New Smart city will be an integrated city that provides its residents with a wide assortment of social and cultural activities.

The Smart City sports village will have complex sports courts, a gymnastic hall, playgrounds, theme parks and swimming pools designed to Olympic standards. The Sports complex City is expected to enhance Kenya’s ability to host world sports tournaments, as all facilities within the city shall be built in accordance with the latest international standards and regulations.

Additionally, there will be an Arts and Culture City within the new city, and will include theaters, exhibition halls, libraries, museums, and art galleries. The city will host the New Opera House, a ballroom, and an Artistic Creativity center, Recording studios, cinema screening halls and a man-made lake known as Athi Marina.

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