JetBlack Smart Cities

“Smart cities” are built around the Internet of Things (IoT), an interconnected network of devices that gather, store, and share data while communicating with one another to improve efficiency. This could take the form of monitoring traffic, transport, power and water supplies, as well as other forms of surveillance. Smart cities are being planned the world over such as in Malta, Madrid, Manchester Milan, Islamabad, New York, Singapore and Kenya.

Located deep in the Kapity Plains of Machakos county, overlooking Nairobi, the Athi Smart City  is starting to take shape. jetBlack Group is building a futuristic mega-city, about 60 square miles, from scratch. Athi Smart City sets out to create a new model for sustainable green living, based on advanced technology.

Athi Green Smart City

Kenya is set to reveal plans for a new Smart capital city just outside of central Nairobi that will potentially serve as the country’s administrative center. The Athi Smart city project will be the most significant enterprise unveiled by the Private Sector in Africa. The proposed Athi River Smart city will be established on 22,500 acres. To build that future, Athi Smart city targets a wide range of sectors. The Athi Smart Green City is one of the Eight Sectors (8) will sit on 4500 acres. This sector includes a sports complex with sports courts, a gymnastic hall, playgrounds, and swimming pools. The Sports Arena is expected to enhance Kenya’s ability to host international sports tournaments, as all facilities within the city shall be built in accordance with the latest international standards and regulations.

Athi Smart City is to include enterprise zones, research centers, sports and entertainment venues, and tourist destinations. It describes itself as a home and workplace for people who want to dream big and be part of building a new sustainable future. According to the official website, the city is to serve as a living laboratory where entrepreneurship and innovation shape the course of the future. Others sectors include Athi Medical Centre, Athi Innovation Park, Athi Industrial District, Athi Agri Business Centre, Athi International Airport (A.S.I.A), Diplomatic District, Education District

Banks and international organizations shall also be offered free land in the district for their headquarters. The New Smart city will be an integrated city that provides its residents with a wide assortment of social and cultural activities. Additionally, there will be an Arts and Culture City within the new capital, and will include theaters, exhibition halls, libraries, museums, and art galleries. The city will host the New Opera House, a ballroom, and an Artistic Creativity center. Recording studios and cinema screening halls are also planned to open.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that , per capita, green spaces in the new Smart city will be around 15 square meters. The park, artificial lakes, about 100 educational institutions, a technology and Innovation Park, a major theme park like Disneyland, solar energy farms, an electric railway link with Athi River Machakos  and a new international airport

A circular system meant for several years into the future?

The Smart city aims to rely 100% on renewable energy, create a zero waste and fully circular system for water management, and transform traditional food systems. It wants to use biotechnology and genetics to create a next-generation healthcare system. It envisions an environment where the gap between humans and machines blends, robots come to life, and artificial intelligence and the internet of things shape the world. 

While located within Kenya’s borders, the project has an international scope. The city is targeted to house more than a million international citizens and attract creators and innovators from around the world. The Hillshaw Group has pledged $ 7 Billion dollars for the first sector – Athi Green City but this is not enough to complete the project. For the rest of the funding,  Athi Smart city are looking for other foreign investors. 

The city is scheduled to start in 2022 and the first phase of the project should be finished year 2025.

Work will start on the Athi Marina, a residential area and tourist destination. It was decided that we shall have a green river of gardens with a length of 25 Sqm and 1000 acres what makes it one of the biggest gardens all over Africa.

Firstly, The Green River In The In The New  Smart City Contains 7 Gardens Which Are:

  • International Park,
  • Sports Park,
  • Plants Garden,
  • Historic Park,
  • Science Park,
  • Health and Population Park,
  • Business and Finance Park.

Secondly, Features of The Green River In The New Smart City:

  • The Green River will be open for visits free of charge for the new Smart City, residents,
  • All universities and cities in the new proposed Athi Smart City shall somehow be connected to the Green River,
  • All districts in the new capital contain green gardens which through residents can reach the main park on foot.