JetBlack Smart Cities

“Smart cities” are built around the Internet of Things (IoT), an interconnected network of devices that gather, store, and share data while communicating with one another to improve efficiency. This could take the form of monitoring traffic, transport, power and water supplies, as well as other forms of surveillance. Smart cities are being planned the world over such as in Malta, Madrid, Manchester Milan, Islamabad, New York, Singapore and Kenya.

Located deep in the Kapity Plains of Machakos county, overlooking Nairobi, the Athi Smart City  is starting to take shape. jetBlack Group is building a futuristic mega-city, about 60 square miles, from scratch. Athi Smart City sets out to create a new model for sustainable green living, based on advanced technology.

Athi Agribusiness Center

The pillars of our strategy in Agribusiness include:

Integration: We want to tap into the entire value chain so as to capture a large proportion of the value of the end product
Scale: We will focus on scalable opportunities that leverage our strengths
Focus: Concentrate on opportunities where high value can be unlocked
Market attractiveness: Capitalize on areas that will allow us to serve an under-served market
Expertise: We will acquire and build expertise to streamline implementation of our strategy
Shareholding: 100%
Sector: Agribusiness
Products Vegetables and Herbs
Land 2000 Acres
Location Athi Smart City
Valuation Methodology: Net Asset Value
Carrying Value: USD 500 Million

We are building Africa’s largest & most sophisticated supply chain for fresh fruits Pan African with 100% refrigerated transport. A fresh food brand with a focus on safe to eat, high quality fruit. The best of Africa. Batch level traceability for all products. Social Impact: better incomes for farmers with profit sharing.

jetBlack Agri-Bizz ltd is planning on building Africa’s most sophisticated supply chain for high-quality fresh produce and creating a comprehensive solution to address one of the continents’ largest and most inefficient industries. By digitizing the farm-to-store value chain for fruits and building out a low-cost environment-controlled transportation network, we are bringing a huge change to Africa’s food economy. With a great potential to cover thousands of farmers, we offer the highest quality fresh fruit, and perhaps most importantly, provide consumers with “out of season” fruits not currently available within a local market.

Our environmentally controlled solution allows us to capture significant pricing differentials between markets, leveraging existing supply/demand imbalances. jetBlack’s solution directly benefits all members of the value chain from farmers to retailers to consumers and solves several key issues plaguing Kenya’s fresh food chain. These include significant food waste, limited availability, and poor produce quality on shelves.

 Value to Farmers:

  • Higher & more predictable value realization for their produce
  • Access to farm level infrastructure that lowers wastage
  • Access to improved farming methods

Value to Retailers:

  • Access to high quality dependable fruit. Lowers dependence on wholesale markets with variable produce quality
  • Access to out-of-season or unavailable fruits
  • Marketing support

Value to Consumers:

Dependable quality o Safe to eat: Food adulteration and high levels of pesticides and chemicals is a big concern for middle class consumers in Africa. Our produce is 100% lab tested o High availability of favorite fruits from other regions in the country

Innovative consumer friendly packaging Africa’s Agriculture and Fruit Market and Its Multiple Issues Africa is one of the largest agriculture market in the world with tones of fruit grown annually. However, the industry is plagued by neglect, antiquated infrastructure, and a complex and opaque supply chain. The result is upwards of 25% wastage before produce even reaches stores, poor availability and poor quantity of produce. Persistent issues include:

How are we solving these issues?

jetBlack shall create a procurement system and supply chain connecting farm directly to retail store. We ensure product integrity right to the consumer and use proprietary data analytics to optimize decision making across the network.

This is a model that has been implemented successfully over the last 6 months for many fruits in India and plans on doing the same in Africa. We tend to be the first organized company at both the farm and retail level, giving jetBlack a massive first mover advantage.

Value Drivers

The key components of our solution form a powerful combination with strong network effects over time. Our partners have developed key technology and skillsets over the past year that are uniquely geared for the I context. These include: – A cloud driven technology stack that tracks fruit quality, handling processes as well as overall inventory management. The system allows us to provide real data and analysis across the company; – The Fresherator: Our innovative custom engineered container transport system designed to make refrigerated transport viable; – Agriculture: Farm and product expertise, which mandates high quality and freshness across the supply chain and helps farmers access the end customer.