JetBlack Smart Cities

“Smart cities” are built around the Internet of Things (IoT), an interconnected network of devices that gather, store, and share data while communicating with one another to improve efficiency. This could take the form of monitoring traffic, transport, power and water supplies, as well as other forms of surveillance. Smart cities are being planned the world over such as in Malta, Madrid, Manchester Milan, Islamabad, New York, Singapore and Kenya.

Located deep in the Kapity Plains of Machakos county, overlooking Nairobi, the Athi Smart City  is starting to take shape. jetBlack Group is building a futuristic mega-city, about 60 square miles, from scratch. Athi Smart City sets out to create a new model for sustainable green living, based on advanced technology.

Athi Industrial District

Athi Smart city, has unveiled plans to build an ultra-large modern thematic industrial park. The park is planned to be built in the Athi Smart city Area, in the next three years, with funds support from American Investors. The parks will cover a total area of more than 2000 ha and will be developed under “one city  with one thematic industry”

The industrial parks include Electronic Information Industrial Park; Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Chip Industrial Park;Intelligent Equipment Smart Home Industrial Park; Smart Home Industrial Park; and Intelligent Equipment Industrial Park. It also includes Robot Town Industrial Park (Phase I); Biomedical Industrial Park; Digital Equipment Park; New Material & Smart Home Industrial Park; and Electronic Communication Equipment Industrial Park.

Athi Smart city, a private Investment firm backed major project will boast hyperconnected towns of Konza and Nairobi  city, and enterprise zones, research centers, sports and entertainment venues, and tourist destinations. A beacon for the future of urban living, Athi Smart city will have resource-efficient utilities and a highly advanced transport system to connect its cognitive cities.

Integrating sustainable land use, intelligent urban design and multi-modal mobility, Athi Smart city will deliver a community of exceptional liveability. Its next-generation cognitive cities will support cutting-edge urban environments, improving the lives of residents and businesses far beyond the capabilities of today’s smart cities. Athi Smart’s infrastructure will utilise artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and human-machine fusion to deliver greater predictive intelligence and enable faster decision making across all its sectors.

About The Industrial Park of Athi Smart city (IPAS) Free Zone

  • Industrial Park of Athi Smart City (IPAS) @ Athi Smart city— at a Glance
  • The business opening in Industrial Park Athi Smart – IPAS is higher for industrial and manufacturing
  • A free zone or Special Economic Zone district in Kenya
  • Facilitates a wide range of industries
  • Boasts ideal infrastructure, utility connections and communication networks
  • Provides convenient transport links to East Africa, Central Africa and the Horn of Africa region
  • Has dedicated zones and clusters for specific industries


Located near the Athi Standard Gauge Railway station, IPAS is ideal for investors and industrialists. Also, it has a convenient network of transport to facilitate trade and logistics. The area is mainly commercial with offices, shops and a good range of warehouses.  A part of it is being developed to provide accommodation to workers. The Industrial Park of Athi Smart city has dedicated clusters and zones that support specific business activities.

Each cluster in IPAS has a world-class infrastructure and benefits from reliable utility and communication networks. IPAS shall provide an ideal infrastructure related to a diverse range of industries including metal and steel, gas, food, logistics and construction material and of course, all the benefits of setting up businesses in the area. It has dedicated zones and clusters for this purpose namely IPAS I, IPAS II and IPAS III that are served by the water sof Athi  River Marina

Business Setup in Industrial Park of Athi Smart city (IPAS) Free Zone

The business opening in Athi Smart  Industrial Park – IPAS is higher for industrial and manufacturing-oriented companies. Every business sector in the IPAS has the right infrastructure, an excellent transport connectivity, and unique communication facility. 

Planned to be constructed, and operated under the highest technical and environmental standards, IPAS shall complements existing and planned initiatives featuring adequate scalability to accommodate future demand and growth, appealing to many investors’ needs with a diversity of heavy and light industries that range from steel and metals to construction material, logistics, food and oil and gas. Our team of experts knows everything about the upcoming in IPAS and about the benefits of setting up a business in Industrial Park of Athi Smart city special Economic Free Zone.

Featured industries in Industrial Park of Athi Smart city – IPAS

  • Engineering & Metals
  • General Industries
  • Chemical and Plastic
  • Oil and Gas services
  • Construction Materials
  • High Tech Industries
  • Advanced Factory Units

Business benefits within IPAS

  • Excellent Infrastructure
  • Excellent Business Environment
  • Administrative Efficiencies
  • Strategic Locations – Jomo Kenyatta International Airports, Athi international Airport, Athi standard gauge station
  • 0% tax
  • Repatriation of profits and capital.

Existing Zones in IPAS Kenya


IPAS I: heavy-to-medium manufacturing, engineering and processing industries, including metal products, construction materials, fiberglass and plastics assembly. IPAS, I extends over an area of 14km².


IPAS II: light-to-medium manufacturing, engineering and processing industries, including wood processing, engineering, oil and gas, construction materials, and chemicals.


IPAS III: light-to-medium engineering and processing business with an international focus. Wood processing and engineering, chemicals and plastics, construction materials, high-tech industries, food and textiles are the key target sectors for this zone.

Why you should choose to set up a business in Athi Smart city industrial Park

By setting up a business in Athi Smart city, the investors can easily cater to an international client base. The process of setting up a business in IPAS is pretty straightforward but involves approvals from authorities. Most times, company formation in Kenya is generally is easy process, but the lack of sound knowledge in local laws and regulations may lead to delays in the process. Kenya is ranked international No 56 in ease of doing business which is a business score of 73.2%

We believe that the most important phase of a business is at the start. Therefore, we help several businesses to establish and build their presence in the Athi Smart city. 

Our business consultants are experienced in dealing with the authorities, which makes the process of business setup in Athi Smart city and Kenya  much faster.

As the name suggests, the Industrial Park of Athi Smart City (IPAS) is a proposed free zone dedicated to industrial processes. Spanning across 20 sq. km, IPAS is remains one of the major sectors  of Athi Smart city, a popular industrial district located in the southeast of Nairobi. The master development is one of the most important economic zones in the Kenya housing several factories and a port.