Chairman & Non - Executive Director

Elisha Keshoney has been a Non-Executive Director since June 2005 and serves as the Chairman of the Board. He currently serves as Chairman of the Finance & Investment Committee and is also a member of the Nomination & Governance Committee.

Keshoney is the Chairman of the proposed sectors within Athi Smart City, including Athi Green Park, Athi Biomedical Centre, Athi Sports Village, Athi Innovation Park, Athi Industrial , Athi Agribusiness , Athi International Airport & Athi Solar and Green Hydrogen.

Keshoney also serves as Chairman of jetBlack Energy ltd and as a Director of jetBlack Kenya Limited an investment company.

Keshoney is the Chairman of K.T.I Industries, EvgInstel Construction company ltd, SafariMart Technologies Inc, jetBlack Media Corporation, , and jetBlack Airlines Corporation. In addition, he serves as the Chairman & Founder of Eda & Ayub Siele Foundation

Keshoney is Bachelor of Commerce graduate and currently pursuing Masters in Science in International Business at Robert Kennedy college University of Salford Business School and MBA Entrepreneurship at Kenya Methodist University.